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Hello all!

I promise I’m not dead. Well…. it’s summer so who knows.

I was actually planning on writing about Waterboyy the Series once it was finished (I was told 12 episodes) so color me surprised when there are still two episodes to get through.

…….. Let’s just say I have a lot to say. Ha.

My main excuse for not updating sooner is that I’m hella lazy about getting on my laptop. Peak procrastination I’ll tell ya.

Exciting new though! I follow an account on IG and Twitter- a 2Moons fan account for international fans (they basically translate most of what the actors say on social media)- and they did a giveaway. They ordered some caps that God (Gxxod) does/promotes/his brand thing (english is hard recently to be real honest) that are signed and once they reached 500 followers on IG (they’ll do another on Twitter) they would do a giveaway to five winners with five signed caps of his. Well. This bitch won one!

They did a word association game to help determine who was part of the drawing. Basically, what word comes to mind when you see each of the guys’ faces. Mine was as follow:

Gxxod: Electrifying. (There are a lot of words that come to mind when I see him. But this word seem to fit perfectly. No matter what he does, what he says, how he acts, etc., I have such a strong reaction to it and electrifying is one way of describing it. I really can’t define or describe how I feel about him or anything but he has my heart. And I mean that in all of it’s gross, poetic form.)

Copter: Ethereal. (There’s something about him that is. He’s childlike with his figurines that he collects and puts together; but he’s more than that. He’s sweet; he’s sassy; and he can present himself as this ethereal being when he wants.)

Bas: Blessed. (Honestly, I wanted to use ‘precious’ and ‘smol’ because he is. In every sense of the words. But he’s also more than that. So I went with ‘blessed’ because I very much feel blessed to know that this darling exists and is doing such a wonderful job of acting here. He must be protected at all costs.)

Kimmon: Endearing. (He’s silly and sweet. He elicits a motherly instinct out of me that endears me to him. I want to give him cookies and shit and coddle him.)

Tee: Charming. (This doesn’t really need explaining. Let’s be real.)

Tae: Unexpected. (I love Tae. He’s very handsome. He’s also extremely chill and laid-back; his voice is soothing. But color me surprised when his fun, silly side comes out when he’s with the guys. It’s a beautiful thing to see honestly.)

So yeah. We also had to say what the account meant to us (2Moons_IntFc) and honestly, it’s a mixture of blessed and gratefulness. Without accounts like them and Flymeto6moons, it’d be very difficult to understand and follow the boys on social media. (Trust me, Google translate and Bing are hilarious.) Their translations help us understand and get closer to the boys and love them more so. They’re truly wonderful.

But yeah. I found out this evening that I won. And with my birthday coming up on Wednesday (5th), it’s a pleasant surprise.

So in less than two weeks I’ll have a post about Waterboyy the Series. Which will be hella fun. We’ll see what happens between then.

Stay classy fellow Peasants.