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Happy Pride Month Y’all!!

I know I haven’t updated in forever but here’s a little something I suppose.

I’m sad I won’t be able to participate in any Pride activities (parades and whatnot) but I’m certainly feeling it!

Just so everyone knows, no matter what you identify as- gay, lesbian, pan, bi, ace/aro, trans, non-binary, etc., y’all are VALID and IMPORTANT. Personally, I identify as demi-panromantic demisexual. (Let’s break this down: demi-romantic (on the aro spectrum), panromantic demisexual (I’m hanging out on the ace spectrum but I’m here for everyone romantically. Ha).)

I also just want y’all to know that it’s okay to not be out. Whatever your reason or situation or whatever, it doesn’t make you less than who you are- I love you all the same. I’m not exactly out but then it’s just whenever or if it comes up ya know?

So Happy Pride y’all!! I’ll post a calendar that shows which day is which (like Gay Pride, Pansexual Pride, etc.)

Much love to you all!

Stay classy my fellow peasants.


(Cr to little-angel-baby on Tumblr for the image. Bless.) (So my days would be the 8th-demisexual, 29th- Panromantic, and 30th- aromantic).