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Alright y’all. I’ve been thinking all night where I should really start with these dramas, whether I should start with what I’ve watched or am watching and whatnot; so I figured this one would be a good start since it just recently started airing.

For starters, I don’t really know much about it. From what I’ve gathered it’s a Thai BL novel created by Chiffon_Cake and it’s centered around three MxM (malexmale) couples: PhanaxWayoMingxKit, and ForthxBeam. (Correct me if any of this is incorrect. Ha.)

It should be warned though that there has been some disappointment with the production already based on the fact that the producer didn’t want to cast gay actors for any of the parts (apparently he specifically asked for straight actors. I’ll post the video below about it,) so there is already a #boycott2moonstheseries going around. I can understand the disappointment. I’m part of the LGBT+ community and pulling an American move to cast hetero actors in something like this sucks, for a lack of a better word. From what I understand, it seems to be centered around cutting Newyear (apparently he’s really famous? But I don’t know who he is,) from the final casting round; which can be seen, and probably is, as a promoting tool for the series- Let’s push this well known gay individual to the final round to gather attention for our series but we can’t have him because they must all be straight! It’s kind of ridiculous and I feel the anger about it.

I don’t what this makes me, but after watching the first episode (several times actually) I really enjoyed the characters and the actors who are playing them. I’ll be honest- I don’t know the kind of acting skills these guys have or if they really fit the characters since I’ve never read the novel- but I do like the feeling I get while watching them interact so far. Do I wish the company and producer went the right way with casting non-hetero (they don’t necessarily have to be gay but also bi or pan) actors for these roles? Of course. I’m sure there are tons of gay/bi actors out there who could do a great job in these roles. But I’m still going to give it a chance; whether that makes me horrible or not. But hey. I’m not going to tell you what to do. If you want to boycott this series, then by all means- that’s your right to do so. And for those who want to watch it, then by all means- that’s your right to do so.

So that’s how I feel currently. I’ll continue to watch and update on the show because it interests me and I do like the actors (Wayo is a precious cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.)

NOW. With that out of the way, I’ll do a recap or whatever of the first episode soon, probably before they air the next episode (Sunday in the US) since it takes a day or two for the episode to be subbed in English. For the time being I’m going to let y’all know that I’ll be discussing SOTUS the Series and Waterboyy the Series as of present. For SOTUS I’ll probably do a recap of the episodes (I don’t mind re-watching for the 100th time lol!) and the same for Waterboyy as the episodes come out; I just need to organize how I’m going to do it all. Ha. I’ll eventually touch on other BL Asian dramas/movies I’ve seen as well as some Korean dramas I’ve been wanting to discuss.

So. That is all for today! Below is the video for the casting mess. Let me know y’all’s thoughts!

Stay classy my fellow Peasants.

(Eng Trans) #boycott2moonstheseries