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Let me tell y’all how disappointed I got with this last episode of U-Prince Firstclass. I was so excited for it since last weeks’ episode (don’t get me started on that mess of BM and Minute and BM and his boyfriend,) since I wanted to see how Firstclass would react to Minute “discovering” him with Nuey.

In this last point, I’m not disappointed. He went after her the best he could so I was particularly proud. However, Nuey working with Pitcher (BM’s boyfriend) disheartened me in how I was feeling for the rest of the episode. It was all sorts of anti-climatic and that makes me particularly sad since I enjoyed the story line and I love Singto and August.

I guess they all get their happy ending so that’s something.

I might go into more detail later depending how upset I still am. Ha.

Below is part 3 of episode 4.

Stay strong my fellow Peasants.