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Go listen to BTS’ new album Love Yourself: Tear right now folks!

Also check out their title track MV- “Fake Love” on the iBigHit Channel on Youtube!


You won’t be disappointed I promise!


Job Hunting

Hello folks.

It’s been quite a while hasn’t it? Not a lot has changed. I’m more heavily invested in BTS currently. (I’ve liked them for quite a while now but I got sucked into stan Twitter and it’s…. been crazy to say the least.)

I didn’t get the job I interviewed for in Spearfish. But that’s okay. I’ve been looking into teaching English in South Korea, Seoul specifically. It’s kind of difficult because I’m not sure where to start or what’s trustworthy. But this is something that I’ve wanted to do since fall 2012 so I’m going to try.

If anyone reads this and has any advice, comment! Haha!

Life is stressful… mentally and emotionally. I’m trying to organize my life but it’s a process day in and day out. So bare with me.

I’m hoping to come back to this and spend more time talking about different topics rather than updating that I’m still alive. *Insert shrugging emoji* I think the reason why I haven’t is because I don’t actually spend the time necessary on my laptop to update; most of my time is spent on my phone so.

Well. Back to the grind in figuring out where to start and how to go!


Stay classy my fellow peasants.

I live!!


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…Well. Sort of. Ha.

My apologies for not doing any posts for well over a month. Vacation, handling my brain, and plain ol’ procrastination has been rampant. (My laptop is dumb and it takes a lot of effort to get it up and going and most of the time I’m too lazy for that. Haha.)

However, I have been ridiculously active on IG and Twitter. Mainly for the cast of 2Moons the Series. Somehow my IG went from just personal posts to mainly sharing posts about the guys and it probably started back in August while I was in WI for vacation; which was around the time Copter was in TX for a charity event. (I’m still upset I wasn’t able to go.)

But I’m in the process of looking into teaching English jobs overseas, preferably in Asia. I know I’ll look into South Korea, maybe Taiwan- they’re pretty chill. A close friend of mine suggested Thailand because of wonderful the country is- I believe it- and how I love some of the actors there; however my main issue with Thailand is the weather. I can’t stand heat and humidity. Like. I barely survive summers in the Midwest, I’m not sure if I could handle the weather there. Haha. But it’s tempting. We’ll see.

Also. If any of y’all care to know, I am writing and putting together some fanfiction for 2Moons the Series. I have a lot of ideas written out and I have been working on two separate oneshots. Hopefully I can start having those up and going sometime soon.

I do have a post or two in mind- both two very different topics. So that’s something to look forward to.


Boring update. I know. Well hope y’all have a great weekend. Maybe my procrastination won’t get the best of me.


Stay classy fellow Peasants.

Waterboyy the Series Reaction


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Hello y’all.

I’m finally here to give my final thoughts and feelings toward this series. Let it be known that this doesn’t reflect how I feel about the actual actors/actresses; of the ones I know, I do truly like them. So. Let’s begin.


My first reaction as I was watching this series as well as afterwards, was how much of a mess the story line was. Did the writers know where the story was going? Because I certainly didn’t (even my niece told me she stopped watching after episode 5 because she kept getting confused). I think I got confused after episode 3 to be real honest. There was just too much going on with too many story lines and characters. I figured since it was being taken from the movie, that Waii and Apo would be the main characters with everyone else being supporting. So you add on 2-3 other couples with other characters interacting with them and causing drama it just… My brain hurts thinking about those webs. And I understand that it’s not an exact copy of the movie. That’s fine. But other than the swimming, two boys falling in love, and the Coach/Kern issue, it just seemed too different. But that’s either here nor there (as in not such a huge issue with me).

One of my biggest issues was episode 3. Y’all know the one. Attempted rape is not okay. In any shape or form no matter the circumstances (I don’t care that Apo was actually kissing him when he was against the door frame, he didn’t consent in the first place). So I don’t understand how Apo was so chill and forgiving afterwards. Yeah he mentions that he hasn’t forgotten it, but he’s still buddy buddy with Waii and they even become bffs afterwards. (So to whomever reads this: attempted rape and the actual assault ARE NOT OKAY. Should it ever happen to you or someone you know, it’s not okay to just let it go not matter how it can about.)

Now my favorite part: Characters.

For the most part, I didn’t mind the characters. I certainly feel like Coach Mai was unnecessary. They didn’t need her for plot reasons. Trust me.

I think Wan was my least favorite. She didn’t have any character development the whole season even when she was suppose to be falling in love with Min; which I knew was suppose to happen I just couldn’t see it. And she was hella annoying. I believe she could’ve been less so even with her grudge against the swim team (which to be honest, couldn’t have been held on as long as she did. Her issue was with Kern and the Chancellor- not the current swim team as on the series. I get it- plot reasons- but if she would’ve used communication then she wouldn’t have been so annoying and that story plot wouldn’t have gone on for so long).

Let me tell you how excited I was to see a lesbian character and a main one at that! But it only fell flat. Yes Pan was annoying for most of the series as well. Her abuse of Fah was unnecessary and excessive as well as her obsession to get with that one girl (I can’t remember her name). I get that people can change who they love and even their sexual orientation (I’ve known people who felt they were bi instead of gay and whatnot) but it just made me sad to see the writers sweep that representation away instead of keeping her a lesbian.

We also needed more interaction between Kluay/Achi. I felt like their story was only just beginning even if it was just bromance…. was it? Tell me writers! And to be honest, we probably could have had less of Min/Wan and more of these two. They were cute and adorable, especially with Kluay teasing Achi all the time. I think I looked forward to seeing these two the most.

And now for the main couple… Waii/Apo.

I was confused? Somewhere around episode 8 or 9, I honestly thought they were together and I proceeded to be confused because did I miss where they decided to be? But then at the end of the episode they weren’t. Which was disappointing. But also with Waii! He kept saying things like- the person I care about the most- and taking pictures of them holding hands… did he understand what he was doing? Was he confused at any point about how he felt about Apo and was just all- we’re bros? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the bromance aspect for a while (the sit-up scene was hilarious) and I get that the writers were trying to build romance and a stable platform for a potential relationship, but it was kind of confusing the more you watched it. I mean. You can see Apo in love with Waii. Christ even Fay knew!

And while I disliked Fay in the beginning, color me surprised when I supported her more than I thought. Usually I’m all- bitch get out of the way of true love!- but damn. She deserved better. Apo deserved better. They both deserved better than Waii. I can’t tell you how many times I tweeted about Waii being a dick and Apo deserving better. Because he was. Waii was a dick for most of the series. He was selfish, especially ep 13 and 14 and couldn’t make a decision. He was overly possessive of Apo even when they weren’t together. And while for plot reasons, he just couldn’t get over his dad and Karn. It’s like communication doesn’t exist in these shows!!!! (I usually shout- communication is important- whenever I watch dramas. Heaven forbid they use it.)


However, there was probably two things I got out of it that I liked. First, I was impressed with the Kiss in ep 12. I’m always worried while watching BL dramas, especially Asian BL dramas, when it comes to kissing. I actually don’t mind small kisses, pecks, whatever, especially when the characters are just starting out together (that’s why I loved the 2Moons kisses) but a lot of the time they’ll do the fake kisses with bad angles and I just. No. So I was really hoping for a kiss between Waii and Apo mainly because of the chemistry they managed to have by that time (and quite frankly we deserved it after seeing Waii kiss Fay). And I was not disappointed. At all. I’m blushing just thinking about it. So well done New and Earth!

And secondly, I was glad for the decisions Apo made in eps 13 and 14. He knew he needed to get out and he did. (He’s a strong, independent man who don’t need no man!) And he kept his distance the best he could. He understood the situation and he knew that Waii had made a decision and respected that. I love him for that. Even going to America in ep14. I usually hate it when a character does that in a drama (ehem- Yoon Eun Hye in almost every drama she does-ehem) but I’m glad he left. It gave them a distance to think about what they wanted the most and Waii was willing to wait for him so. The ending was good for me (I also loved Apo purposely avoiding Waii’s kiss. Haha!)

In the end, I feel like the writers should have planned it out better for just 14 episodes. Because it was initially based on a BL movie, most of us are going to watch it for the BL aspect and that was muddied over quite often. Some of the episodes were underwhelming for the most part as well as some of the characters; which sucks because I really wanted this series to be tops as well as to love the characters.

Overall, I’d give a 6/10. I might watch it again in the future, but when, I’m not sure. I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch it. It’s clearly up to you. I went into watching it for New and Earth and I stayed for them. And honestly, take what I say with a grain of salt. I don’t know how they approached this series when they started and filmed it. I would watch it with an open mind and stick with it the whole series so you can form you’re own valid opinion of it. Because remember- this is just my opinion; how I felt during and after watching it. So give it a try certainly!


Thanks for reading through this…. It’s kind of a mess but that’s okay.


Stay classy fellow Peasants.

Waterboyy the Series Update


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Hello y’all.

So this series ended last week.

… know what this means? Critique and final judgments!


It’ll either be done today or tomorrow (good chance tonight since there’s a 2Moons live with Bas and Kimmon at 3AM but there’s also a new episode of 2Moons tomorrow so. Who knows. Ha).


So that’ll be a thing. Just need to organize my thoughts and how I want to approach it.


Stay classy fellow peasants.

(Image ctto.)

Sort of Update


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Hello all!

I promise I’m not dead. Well…. it’s summer so who knows.

I was actually planning on writing about Waterboyy the Series once it was finished (I was told 12 episodes) so color me surprised when there are still two episodes to get through.

…….. Let’s just say I have a lot to say. Ha.

My main excuse for not updating sooner is that I’m hella lazy about getting on my laptop. Peak procrastination I’ll tell ya.

Exciting new though! I follow an account on IG and Twitter- a 2Moons fan account for international fans (they basically translate most of what the actors say on social media)- and they did a giveaway. They ordered some caps that God (Gxxod) does/promotes/his brand thing (english is hard recently to be real honest) that are signed and once they reached 500 followers on IG (they’ll do another on Twitter) they would do a giveaway to five winners with five signed caps of his. Well. This bitch won one!

They did a word association game to help determine who was part of the drawing. Basically, what word comes to mind when you see each of the guys’ faces. Mine was as follow:

Gxxod: Electrifying. (There are a lot of words that come to mind when I see him. But this word seem to fit perfectly. No matter what he does, what he says, how he acts, etc., I have such a strong reaction to it and electrifying is one way of describing it. I really can’t define or describe how I feel about him or anything but he has my heart. And I mean that in all of it’s gross, poetic form.)

Copter: Ethereal. (There’s something about him that is. He’s childlike with his figurines that he collects and puts together; but he’s more than that. He’s sweet; he’s sassy; and he can present himself as this ethereal being when he wants.)

Bas: Blessed. (Honestly, I wanted to use ‘precious’ and ‘smol’ because he is. In every sense of the words. But he’s also more than that. So I went with ‘blessed’ because I very much feel blessed to know that this darling exists and is doing such a wonderful job of acting here. He must be protected at all costs.)

Kimmon: Endearing. (He’s silly and sweet. He elicits a motherly instinct out of me that endears me to him. I want to give him cookies and shit and coddle him.)

Tee: Charming. (This doesn’t really need explaining. Let’s be real.)

Tae: Unexpected. (I love Tae. He’s very handsome. He’s also extremely chill and laid-back; his voice is soothing. But color me surprised when his fun, silly side comes out when he’s with the guys. It’s a beautiful thing to see honestly.)

So yeah. We also had to say what the account meant to us (2Moons_IntFc) and honestly, it’s a mixture of blessed and gratefulness. Without accounts like them and Flymeto6moons, it’d be very difficult to understand and follow the boys on social media. (Trust me, Google translate and Bing are hilarious.) Their translations help us understand and get closer to the boys and love them more so. They’re truly wonderful.

But yeah. I found out this evening that I won. And with my birthday coming up on Wednesday (5th), it’s a pleasant surprise.

So in less than two weeks I’ll have a post about Waterboyy the Series. Which will be hella fun. We’ll see what happens between then.

Stay classy fellow Peasants.

Pride Month Y’all!


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Happy Pride Month Y’all!!

I know I haven’t updated in forever but here’s a little something I suppose.

I’m sad I won’t be able to participate in any Pride activities (parades and whatnot) but I’m certainly feeling it!

Just so everyone knows, no matter what you identify as- gay, lesbian, pan, bi, ace/aro, trans, non-binary, etc., y’all are VALID and IMPORTANT. Personally, I identify as demi-panromantic demisexual. (Let’s break this down: demi-romantic (on the aro spectrum), panromantic demisexual (I’m hanging out on the ace spectrum but I’m here for everyone romantically. Ha).)

I also just want y’all to know that it’s okay to not be out. Whatever your reason or situation or whatever, it doesn’t make you less than who you are- I love you all the same. I’m not exactly out but then it’s just whenever or if it comes up ya know?

So Happy Pride y’all!! I’ll post a calendar that shows which day is which (like Gay Pride, Pansexual Pride, etc.)

Much love to you all!

Stay classy my fellow peasants.


(Cr to little-angel-baby on Tumblr for the image. Bless.) (So my days would be the 8th-demisexual, 29th- Panromantic, and 30th- aromantic).

Update… Sort of.

I promise I’m not dead or giving up on this thing.

Today has probably been the least busy I’ve been since my last update on the 11th(?). But instead of doing the episode recap and whatnot for those Thai dramas, I’ll be doing something personal since it’s been stuck in my head for a while now. So expect that later today.

I promise to do the episode thing by the end of next week since my schedule is kind of ridiculous until mid-Thursday next week.

See y’all soon.

Stay classy my fellow peasants.

2Moons the Series Introduction


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Alright y’all. I’ve been thinking all night where I should really start with these dramas, whether I should start with what I’ve watched or am watching and whatnot; so I figured this one would be a good start since it just recently started airing.

For starters, I don’t really know much about it. From what I’ve gathered it’s a Thai BL novel created by Chiffon_Cake and it’s centered around three MxM (malexmale) couples: PhanaxWayoMingxKit, and ForthxBeam. (Correct me if any of this is incorrect. Ha.)

It should be warned though that there has been some disappointment with the production already based on the fact that the producer didn’t want to cast gay actors for any of the parts (apparently he specifically asked for straight actors. I’ll post the video below about it,) so there is already a #boycott2moonstheseries going around. I can understand the disappointment. I’m part of the LGBT+ community and pulling an American move to cast hetero actors in something like this sucks, for a lack of a better word. From what I understand, it seems to be centered around cutting Newyear (apparently he’s really famous? But I don’t know who he is,) from the final casting round; which can be seen, and probably is, as a promoting tool for the series- Let’s push this well known gay individual to the final round to gather attention for our series but we can’t have him because they must all be straight! It’s kind of ridiculous and I feel the anger about it.

I don’t what this makes me, but after watching the first episode (several times actually) I really enjoyed the characters and the actors who are playing them. I’ll be honest- I don’t know the kind of acting skills these guys have or if they really fit the characters since I’ve never read the novel- but I do like the feeling I get while watching them interact so far. Do I wish the company and producer went the right way with casting non-hetero (they don’t necessarily have to be gay but also bi or pan) actors for these roles? Of course. I’m sure there are tons of gay/bi actors out there who could do a great job in these roles. But I’m still going to give it a chance; whether that makes me horrible or not. But hey. I’m not going to tell you what to do. If you want to boycott this series, then by all means- that’s your right to do so. And for those who want to watch it, then by all means- that’s your right to do so.

So that’s how I feel currently. I’ll continue to watch and update on the show because it interests me and I do like the actors (Wayo is a precious cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.)

NOW. With that out of the way, I’ll do a recap or whatever of the first episode soon, probably before they air the next episode (Sunday in the US) since it takes a day or two for the episode to be subbed in English. For the time being I’m going to let y’all know that I’ll be discussing SOTUS the Series and Waterboyy the Series as of present. For SOTUS I’ll probably do a recap of the episodes (I don’t mind re-watching for the 100th time lol!) and the same for Waterboyy as the episodes come out; I just need to organize how I’m going to do it all. Ha. I’ll eventually touch on other BL Asian dramas/movies I’ve seen as well as some Korean dramas I’ve been wanting to discuss.

So. That is all for today! Below is the video for the casting mess. Let me know y’all’s thoughts!

Stay classy my fellow Peasants.

(Eng Trans) #boycott2moonstheseries



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I found this on Instagram (image below; not mine). And as the comment said- I’m shook.

I wish we could start being more open about periods and menstruation since most women go through it for a good portion of their lives. (I say most because not all females do for various reasons.) While I was studying on London I was happy to have normal conversations about it with the males in our flat because, you know, we’re adults. But even then we should be more open to discussions about it in schools for the students since this is something they will go through (even the males so they become comfortable understanding and discussing it.)

We have periods. It’s messy and it hurts like hell. Personally, I can barely function the first two days since the pain is ridiculous. Let’s start normalizing periods and menstruation y’all.

Stay strong my fellow Peasants.